Social Media Has Influenced Hip Hop Culture A Lot

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Social Media is the key to make rapper famous, rich and also solved some racial problems. As people know, Social Media is almost controlled people’s life, people always put more time on their social media. For people who really know how to use the social media, it might make them succeed. The Main concept of this paper is is really social media influenced hip hop culture? and how social media influenced hip hop culture. There are a lot informations about social media you might not know.

Social media has had a tremendous impact on the world. It has both positive and negative impacts, it has impact on politics, business, socialization and some of the bad effects as cyber bullying and privacy. First of all on politics, social media plays a really important role in so many elections all over the world, and it have inspired mass movement, for example, some people in the north of the country trying to against xxx law, so they can use social media to find more people who are has same thought as theirs. Second on business, social media absolutely influence a lot of business all around the world, many companies using social media to advertise their products, and they can finish a business without face to face, it is a lot convince. It really helps a lots business. Third on socialization, social media has the opportunity to help people re-connect their old friend, make new friends, exchange ideas and share stuff with people from all over the world. Students can find their source for their project on social media, it helps students improve their academic and communication skills with other people. Knowing and learning different culture. So people catch this using social media made a lot ads and help them to know a lot more about other cultures and it is really good for their music product.

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Also social media has negative effects too. Social media has a lots of convince but some of the users has so attracted by social media, at the end, these users all not willing to or afraid to talk to people in the real world and ignore the real world outside. Also cyberbullying and bullying still exist, bad people can target you for cyber bullying and harassment, especially young girl, children. And also old people are not good at use social media, and they easily to trust. Bad people catch the point to swindle thoses old people. impact on productivity, many companies has stop or blocked the social network, because many employees using social media too much and it influence their efficiency for their work, and people put more attention on social media. Also it has some privacy affect, people can steal your information from the network, it is so easy to lose your own information on the network,

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