Social Media: Effects, Importance, Advantages

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Social media is everywhere in the society today and there is no hiding. According to a Pew survey in 2014-2015, 94% of teens have access to social media everyday. That number is growing at a exceptional rate and more than likely will not slow down. Social media has proven that it can have a positive impact in numerous ways , however; more teens now of days fall to the negative consequences due to the immature age.

The world is starting to revolve around social media. Social media has a positive outlook in innumerable ways. Back in the day, every source for educational purposes happened in a textbook or face to face with a teacher. Most schools did not have enough textbooks or resources to allow each student to access that book at home, however; with internet access, teachers can update students, publish a textbook online and even the teaching of their class for them to have at a touch of a button. Other ways that prove social media can be good is that advertising for business that affect the youth can now be published on via Instagram, Snapchat, or etc, by just scrolling through each site instead of flyers or radio stations.

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One of the reasons teens use social media so much is because it allows for distant communication to friends, relatives, or other people in their lives. It use to be that people only communicate with people they went to school with or lived in a community with. That is not the case anymore, social media allows communication to anywhere around the world that has a cell phone tower.

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