Social Media and Protect Personal Information

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One possible ending to this scenario would be the leaking of the photographs to the media. My best friend shares this information with the Gossip Gazette leading to interest in the images. Consequently, I receive a call from the magazine seeking the rest of the photographs for a financial reward of $20,000.

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This windfall would be most beneficial, primarily due to my desperate need for a car. This ending offers an opportunity to capitalize on the images that I collected the previous night financially. Despite the allure of quick money, the choice to go ahead with the request or not has far-reaching consequences not only for my professional wellbeing but also to the hospital and patient.

Selling the images to the magazine anonymously would lead to an institution-wide panic over the management of patient information. Firstly, the hospital would realize the presence of an unidentified unethical professional. The leakage of the photos would suggest an absence of professional ethics in the institution and besmirch the reputation of the organization (Sulmasy et al., 2017). From an internal point of view, the anonymity of the professional responsible for the leaks would be in question. Consequently, employee logs would identify that I was the attending ER nurse and further investigation would realize two possible outcomes. Firstly, I am incompetent in that I allowed another staff member to collect the images. Alternatively, I would bear the blame for the leaked photographs albeit rightly so. Finally, it undermines the patient’s constitutional right to privacy.

In light of the scenario ending, the right recommendation would involve deleting the images from the cell phone and refusing to share them with any news organization.

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