Social Limitations of Autism

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In a society that is deprived of face to face contact, it is very easy to get lost on your phone, tablets, etc. As members of society, we often task our social skills for granted, thinking that is automatic and something that everyone possesses, which isn’t the case. For people on the autism spectrum disorder, what people think is innate is what they struggle with the most. The issues that they face vary from person to person, but they all share the same ideal of isolation.

Autism is classified as a disorder of neural development, which is often associated with restricted and repetitive behavior. It was first discovered by Leo Kanner in 1943, in which he believed that the disorder arose at birth and developed in the first few months of life. While many stigmatize autism and write it off as a mere case of mental retardation, there are many individuals that are affected by this label. The autism spectrum ranges from low functioning individuals who need 24/7 assistance to individuals who can fend for themselves but have a few social quirks. In fact, some people diagnosed with autism are listed savants, which are people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder that display extraordinary talents and surpass abilities of professionals that have studied a topic for years. With savants, their talent usually lies in something specific, an example being architecture. Without prior knowledge and one glance of a landscape, a savant could memorize the infrastructure down to the last detail and draw it out perfectly. Even with this almost supernatural memory, a savant still has trouble socially, and most will just write him off as a “idiot savant”.

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Social limitations in autistic individuals is a very complex and puzzling topic.

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