Soccer Is Life

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I understand that soccer isn’t everyone’s favorite sport but for me it’s my favorite sport due to its fast paced and the passion the players put in the field. I was interested on soccer since I was a little kid due that it was easy to understand and mostly everyone in my family is a soccer fan. As the result of me becoming interested on soccer I started to play soccer when I was around five years old.

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As the years past I would become more passionate for soccer do to the time and effort I would put to become a better player. I remember as a kid I was part of several soccer teams.

I would have soccer practices Mondays and Wednesdays which I was always eager and excited to get out there and improve my skills. The big days where Saturdays because we had our soccer matches. Playing soccer was really exciting and relaxing but the bond I made with my teammates is unforgettable. We would travel together for our matches and be there for each other. We were all united like a family due to our passion for soccer. Soccer isn’t only a great sport but it makes you create bonds with others. However, soccer is a well-known sport but it struggles to be popular as the others sports in the United States.

In the article Why soccer is the best sport in the world by Blake Lovell shares his opinion on why soccer is the best sport in the world. The article focuses on the authors opinion and the evidence he shares. The author argues that soccer is the best sport in the world due to its simplicity and the popularity of soccer has grown over the years. Lovell believes that soccer will be the sport of the future due to its popularity in the United States. Lovell presents statistics to prove his points in order to persuade his readers.

In my opinion the article was good but it didn’t fully convinced me why soccer is the best sport. The author did some things I liked and some things I didn’t like. First, I liked how the author shares anecdotes about his childhood when he used to play soccer.

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