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Soccer Is A Remnant

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Soccer is a remnant from my past to this day. Being raised in the UK made it easy to learn and play the sport. This sport has exposed me to so many wonderful things. Soccer has several aspects from tactics to buildup play. The game itself is simple, but the realm of what can occur on the field is vast. Soccer is a game of teamwork; I like how team members must trust one another on the pitch to perform swimmingly. Teams attack as a unit, some members run into space, others play passes or dribble to break down the defense. As well as defend as a unit, a few members pressure the player with the ball, someone makes a tackle while others block passing lanes. Watching a well-oiled team play with passion and grit is amusing!

I have never watched a match in the stadium before, but I am restlessly waiting for the opportunity. Fans go wild in the stadium cheering players wearing their hearts on their chest. The sight of the field is breathtaking; the solid green color of the grass and the magnitude of the pitch are just screaming for teams to play on it. The stadiums have an atmosphere like no other that lights up when a goal is scored. This an experience I yearn for in my life. Soccer is a game of strategies and roles. Each player has their integral position in the team. They all play their part, listening to the manager’s instructions to perform their best.

A player may seek to disrupt midfield play from the opposing team or man-mark a vital player from the opposition. Managers often try to make the team play in their personal style. It is interesting to see how the players on the team portray the manager’s intentions through the way they play. Some teams sit back, absorb pressure, hold an airtight defense and then pounce when the opposing team is vulnerable. Other teams like to possess the ball, control the game, tire the opposition with passes and then, attack them with finesse.

Speed, skill, heart and hard-work, these essential components form exceptional players. The game has taught me to acquire these traits not only for developing as a soccer player, but also for growing in life. Learning how these traits can apply to real life continues to inspire me to give my everything to whatever task that lies ahead. Players must be quick in decision-making; hesitation often leads to rudimentary mistakes such as not taking a shot, making a pass or running into space in time.

Not every player is born with talent; soccer showed me that you can improve if you invest time and effort. Watching players grow is one of the most enlightening things about the game. These players possess a strong will that helps them cope with tough matches, unbearable managers and unsupportive fans. They focus on their goal to become better, drawing strength from every match while learning from other players. Soccer players have become role models to young fans, instilling belief and character to chase after their dreams.

Soccer can be compared to a chess match, another hobby of mine. Players must attack the king, the net in this case. Positioning of pieces, the team members in this case are important to break down the opponent’s attacks. The speed in which soccer is played leaves me mesmerized. Teams may intentionally slow or speed up play to unsettle the other team. Counterattacks are fascinating to observe; it is so enjoyable to see players dart across the field and duel it out in a 3v3 or 3v2. Stakes are high; all it takes is one misplaced pass or a perfectly timed tackle to change the direction of play.

Watching professionals play gave me a chance to see skills moves of the highest kind. Executed so well, so quickly; the defender would fall bitterly. I aspired to learn some of the moves myself; it was a challenge, but it helped me improve my technique. Manchester United was the first team I adored; the team played with a synergy and belief that they could not be beat. What rested with me was their faith. They played games in which they were behind on the scoreboard, holding their heads high, battling it out until they scored decisive goals. Goals that started a comeback, brought them back into the game and eventually sealed the victory for the team.

This inspirited me to keep on working hard even when the odds are against me. Soccer’s group sport nature brings players of various ethnic backgrounds together. Professionals often play with several diverse teammates during the span of their career. They grow, bond and learn side by side. That is how the team matures. Once the whole team is on the same wavelength, it becomes easier to play as one. This is true for recreational soccer as well. I have made many friends this way.

Commentators usually provide a live analysis of professional games. Hearing these vivacious soccer enthusiasts is a blast; they provide great knowledge regarding the teams, the managers and the history of the sport. Listening to them gives me an education on the soccer world. They also remark on countries as well, expanding my cultural awareness. There is a lot to learn from them; they even use a couple of vocabulary words now and then. Their foreign accents make watching the match that much more entertaining. Deeply contested rivals in soccer make for excellent matches like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Although, I do not support any team, watching high caliber matches where both teams are amped to face off is such a treat. I have always viewed soccer as an inclusive sport; you don’t have to be tall or big to play. Lionel Messi is widely regarded as the best soccer player of his time and he is only 5’7”. Height and size make no difference. Soccer has continually been a challenge for me, but my love for the game enables me to welcome every challenge cheerfully.

I am in the process of working on my passes, headers, free kicks, volleys, juggles, skill moves and pace. There are various areas I can develop in; that is why I cherish playing. With this scholarship, I can alleviate my financial responsibility and place more time into sharpening my competence in education and soccer.  

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