Smoking Ban in Public Places

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Have you ever been out in public and notice someone smoking? Does it ever make you wonder if that persons’ smoking will have an impact on your health? According to Jacob Grier, freelance writer and bartender, smoking bans show no improvement in heart attacks. Many people may disagree with this statement but a lot of them follow what the media says and not the actual facts. Harvard Heart Letter published an article promoting the dangerous of being exposed to secondhand smoke.

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Many are led to believe that log exposure to secondhand smoke can put you at risk for many diseases such as heart disease and cancer. This topic is very controversial because the facts are not always portrayed. As Grier looked at in his research he noted that smokers are more in danger than those exposed to secondhand smoke. Since the mass media promotes the dangers of smoking and how badly secondhand smoke affects people’s health, who is right? So, the biggest question is what is the best way to balance people’s right to health against an individual’s right to smoke? There should be a commom ground that would make both smokers’ and non-smoker’s happy.

“Banishing Secondhand Smoke” written by President and Fellows of Harvard College, the authors stated the dangers of being around secondhand smokers. The article argues that inhaling secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as the smokers’ smoking. According to the article, secondhand smoke can lead to diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer and asthma. The article also state that some technology used to filter out smoke or clean air is found to be inconclusive. The authors suggest if you live with a smoker to ask them to quit, smoke in a designated room, or outside.

“We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans” published in Slate by Jacob Grier argues that there is no real correlation that smoking causes heart attacks. Grier argues that some sample sizes in the studies were too small and proved nothing. The article also states that larger sample sizes still found no correlation between the two. The article notes that secondhand smoke is not as dangerous as the media has portrayed it to be. Grier also states that since the facts state that secondhand smoke is not as dangerous, that some laws should be eliminated, and smokers should have some rights back. The author emphasizes the psychological impacts that smoking bans have on smokers.

Both of these authors further explain their viewpoints on the controversial topic of smoking, secondhand smoke, and smoking bans. This topic may seem like it has an easy answer, but many people cannot agree on the right answer.

Grier’s article argues how smoking bans have no real correlation with the decrease of heart attacks.

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