Smartphone security awareness

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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this document is to expose a business problem from a technological viewpoint. The subject of the business problem I have selected is smartphone security. This subject will be analysed and critically evaluated, then expanded upon further to reflect the range of possible solutions and raise awareness of the risk and need of smartphone security.

1.1 Aims and objectives


  • Create an authoritative document with recommendations to raise awareness and inform businesses for the need of greater mobile security within the business environment.
  • Use insight to establish a research gap.

Main objectives

  • Assess smart mobile devices currently used.
  • Analyse security advantages and disadvantages of smart mobile devices.
  • Establish what risks smart mobile devices are exposed to.
  • Evaluate impact of risk exposed by unsecure mobile devices to businesses.
  • Examine mobile security currently available.
  • Investigate responsibility
  • Evaluate current business policies and procedures for mobile devices and how these can be enforced.
  • Construct smartphone security guide with recommendations for businesses.

1.2 Problem statement

The problem is information and financial loss due to information theft or inaccessibility from malicious software, and the detrimental impact this has upon the business.

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A recent report from Gartner (reference report) indicates that sales of smartphones have grown exponentially and businesses are reaping the benefits gained from smartphones, however their use also creates security risks and opportunities for cybercriminals.

There are many types of information that can be stored on smartphones for example, personally identifiable information in the form of identity credentials, email, SMS and MMS messages, GPS coordinates, passwords, company documents and connectivity access information to company servers as just some of the examples.

Information security has gained significant value within the business domain over the past decade however this value remains subjective (why subjective? And value pertaining to what?). Users have been made aware of the risks posed by malicious software whilst using their personal computer on the internet, now assistive technology like smart mobile devices are becoming increasingly more powerful, functional and ubiquitous.

Where personal computers have at least some security software in place as standard, smartphones commonly have no security software installed as a standard and are susceptible to (Malware, Viruses, trojans,etc-examples please ;)) the exact same threats as to personal computers.

Businesses, professionals and personal users now have a greater awareness for the need of personal computer security. This has been provided by media coverage, enterprise training or through personal experience. When using a personal computer or laptop for example, it is common to find a firewall and antivirus software installed showing that internet safety has now become a social normalcy.

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