Sleep Deprivation in Teens

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You might be wondering what is sleep deprivation is. Sleep deprivation is basically not getting Enough sleep. So sleep deprivation is not a big problem for me, but for other people, it is a big problem.

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Experts are calling it a National Health Crisis. So if experts are calling it National Health crisis, why are we not doing something about it? If we did something about it wouldn’t it solve most of the problems in the school system? Am I the only one who thinks that. It also as a greater increase in anxiety in 9 out of 12 people. So if anxiety makes people panic, right? So if getting more sleep would make people panic less, which in turn would make it so teens would do better on a test. Which bring us to our next topic. America’s grades racking in the world.

Firstly, without any sleep, you are at higher risk of getting many health problems. Such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Sleep is important for overall health, and inadequate sleep is associated with numerous health problems. And is some rare cases death. How cannot getting effect sleep can cause death. Also can cause Hormonal imbalances, illnesses, hallucination, disorientation, moodiness. Who could have thought you not getting enough sleep could do all this. Sleep has a direct correlation with America’s grades racking in the world. Maybe that is why we’re so low in the ranking. If students like me could more sleep maybe we could do better on tests and other things.

This is very Apparent and college students.

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