Three Effective Ways that Slaves Escaped Slavery

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Three Effective Ways that Slaves Escaped Slavery

Slavery have been a great part of history. The first slaves to arrive in North America came in 1619 to Virginia. The slaves were known to be African, and they were used for long term labor mostly in the southern regions of the United States.

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They were miss treated and sold as possessions giving them no value because of their race. Through those times, slaves found many ways to resist slavery. The consequence of this resistance didnt end well for many, and the result was the executions of these slaves that did resist. Some of the ways that slaves resisted slavery include acts of rebellion, running away, and many other ways.

History reveals some of the most prominent slave revolts of the 1800s (Partcities Bristol). The Nat Tuners Rebellion in 1831 is one example. This revolt, out of many, was very successful although many white land owners were able to derail other rebellions before they could happen. This rebellion achieved the fear of many southerners, and portrayed the idea that slavery was in fact benevolent. Slave owners were also affected, in fact, they were portrayed as ruthless and violent as well as some being kind and well-intentioned. This uprising in Virginia clearly revealed that slaves wanted their freedom.

The Nat Turners Rebellion 1831 arose from a man named Nat Turner (Doc South). He believed, as an adult, he was to attack the institution of slavery. The rebellion began in February 1831 when Turner saw a sign which was an eclipsed sun he gathered followers and planned.

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