Slavery During The Civil War

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During the civil war in mid-19th century, slavery was one of the particular distributions in the world. Slaves helped manufacture fields by producing tobacco and cotton. Owners treated badly slaves leading them have marks wounds and blood all over the body.

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Slave revolts glinted fear among Anglo. The American Anti-Slavery Society (AASS) was planning to reach mass audience against slavery. Understood the conciseness that slavery is an evil viewpoint as it was desecration of human rights. African American slave have the common problems but they began to build a new economic place by facing racial discrimination. The Anglo were scared of losing everything from the African American, so Anglo definite to have leading control over them. Slave trade conceivably allowed a magnificent record by expanding different humanity and becoming a new world economic and social organization. Today, America population has mixed race that provided in civil rights movement created.

The role that religion play in the debate over slavery was not perfectly acceptable to Christians. According to the De Bows it stated, Genesis xxvi, 14, Isaac is said to have had possessions of flocks and herds, and a great store of servants. In other places in Genesis, they are spoken of, but always as property. Conferring that slaves are almost similar as preserving animals and property. Bible fails to demonstrate that the message case for owning and abusing slaves for the profit of the wealthy. Also stated, The anti-slavery party maintain, that the bible teaches nothing directly upon the subject, but, that it establishes rules and principles of action, from which they infer,

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