Slavery and Contemporary Society

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The first act of slavery can be traced as early as 1860 BC. It was carried out by the Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi. There were additional terms that could be used to refer to slavery, and these include Sumer.

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The name was commonly used in 3500 BC. The primary cause of slavery was brought by the increase in wars between nations. For example, the Byzantine against the Ottoman in Europe resulted in sourcing of additional personnel that would help them put up a good fight. The low population in Europe resulted in sourcing of additional personnel in Africa. Thats how slavery set its foot in the world. The discussion below analyzes the effects of slavery on the contemporary society.

Influence of slavery on music

Slavery influenced the development of music. As they carried out their different roles, slavery that shared a traditional background would sing some of their traditional songs (King, 2016). Singing these songs was a perfect way to help them pass the time and make them forget the harsh reality that they were undergoing. Additionally, the slave masters would at times organize social gatherings where slaves would compete on singing. Therefore, the slaves with time identified types of songs that they would sing in different occasions. These songs would be sung during death, happy times, when harvesting, among other occasions. It is through the music that slaves engaged in that brought about the various genres that exist in the modern society (Freund, 2016).

The influence on development and spread of religion

Slaves underwent so many tribulations as they carried out their work.

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