Skilled Labour Shortage In Construction Industry

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1.2 Introduction

Malaysia is presently experiencing a new era of prosperity. The government formulated and implemented a series of development plans and laid foundation for the development in the country. There is rapid growth especially in construction sector. This bought high demand in construction labour. According to (The Star Online, 22 December 2007), Year 2007 number of reports have highlighted the outflow of construction professional and skilled labour segments of the jobs market. Many skilled workers in the construction sector have moved to Vietnam, Singapore or the Middle East in pursuit of better pay and career prospects.

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The shortage of skilled labour that the Malaysian construction industry is currently encountering has been perpetuated by several combinations of causes. Government’s act to diminish the number of foreign workers in the country will trigger the skilled labour shortage problem get in to even worse situation. (The Star, 3 June 2010)

1.3 Problem Statement

When we talk about labour crisis in construction industry, number is not only issue impinging on the manpower development of the industry. Due to certain reasons, local workforce is less interested to work in the construction industry. This phenomena may bought huge impacts to the development of the industry. Local workforce is still thinking that the jobs in this sector are not dignified enough besides being labeled dirty, dangerous and difficult. Therefore as a last result to overcome the acute shortage of manpower, the industry hired foreign workers. The group of foreign workers hired by the industry basically unskilled, acquires their work knowledge while assisting the more experienced workers, and thus is not meeting the industry’s skill standards. Malaysia construction sector should encouraged to plan their human resource requirements to progressively reduce their dependence on low- skilled labour, particularly foreign unskilled labour.

1.4 Research Aim

To analyze different type causes and effects of construction Blue- Collor skilled worker shortage to construction industry.

1.5 Objectives

(1) To identify the causes of Blue-Collor skilled labour shortage in Malaysian construction industry.

(2) To identify the effect of Blue- Collor skilled labour shortage in Malaysian construction industry.

(3) To assess solutions to Blue- Collor skills labour shortages in the Malaysian construction industry.

1.6 Background of the study

Blue color Skill labour shortages are a common problem across construction industry. Skill shortages are most common in times of strong economic growth and low unemployment. The causes of skill shortages are complex. There are many drivers that could be causing a shortage in a region or occupation. Working conditions and wages play an important role in skill shortages. In occupations where there are poor conditions or wages, the problem may not be in the supply of labour, but rather in the willingness of labour to take up positions.

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