Sir Gawain’s Persuasive

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Sir Gawain’s Persuasive

In the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by John Gardner, we see the literary element Romance’ used. We see it exercised in a few different ways. Sir Gawain is an example when he stands up to the Green Knight. Due to this act the chivalrous knight deserves the respect of sir arthur the king, an all others; especially those who resided in the great hall when the Green Knight appeared.

When the Green Knight, in the narrative Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, appeared in the great hall during the feast he brought a challenge with him. His challenge included something that was dangerous but a challenge no less. The Green Knight was a romance of the color green. A bizarre and shocking sight for those around. The hall fell silent when he claimed his challenge. He asks which knight was bravest to find and meet him in a year and a day to accept the challenge he had presented them with, which was a blow for a blow. The only man in the hall brave enough to accept was Sir Gawain. And with it the Green knight got himself into his position,his head bent forward a little, the bare flesh showing…Sir Gawain laid hold the axe…he slashed at the naked neck (lines 1,2, 5,7 page 161).

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A year and a day later Sir Gawain kept his word and set off for the Green Knight. On his journey to seek him out he unfortunately got lost but stumbled upon a keep. The Lord invited him to stay with him and his very beautiful wife who was very bewitching with her seductive charms.

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