Similarity Between The USSR And The Party

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George Orwell and his novel, 1984 talked about a society that lives under a totalitarian government and how the government (the Party) uses manipulation to gain power over their citizens. Although this is a dystopian novel, orwell uses many current and past event to show the readers that our world is slowly following into the same path. Orwell wrote 1984 because he wanted to show people how our world is slowly falling into the same path.

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Currently, our society is slowly being controlled by technology. Furthermore, our world has gone through something very similar, which would be the Soviet Union. Between the Party and the Soviet Union there are many similarities between them, which are the benefits that government official receive, their ability to rewrite history, their thirst of power, controlling other people’s lives, and the way how both governments use Doublethink.

When someone has a great amount of power they have many advantages compared to the lower class. The USSR has so much power that it gave them the ability to do or have whatever they please. They never had to worry about how much food they receive because they make sure that their okay before assisting those under them, which are the lower class people. Food isn’t the only benefit the USSR receive. They are provided with better living conditions, better pay, and much more.

One parallel between the Party and the Soviet Union is the many benefits that each government receive due to the absolute power they have. Allowing themselves to become more dominant over the lower class citizens. “ However, even during these early years, communist bureaucrats enjoyed many ‘perks’, including a superior standard of accommodation and access to chauffeur driven cars, special shops and restaurants”(“Power and Privilege: Elite Lifestyles in Communist Eastern Europe.”). In the book 1984, people are constantly being watched with something called a “Tele-screen”, which is a television that has a camera inside that records everything people say or do. Everyone is aware that the tele-screen is always watching and there’s no way to stop it from happening. However, due to the amount of power Party members receive, they gain special benefits of being able to turn off the telescreen, allowing themselves to have complete privacy. This is a benefit only Party members have, anyone outside the Party has to deal with being watched 24/7. Just like the USSR both governments gain special benefits. The reason why is because of power, giving them the ability of being the priority and that they should be treated special since they are more superior.

Joseph Stalin was a leader of the USSR. He transformed his society into a military superpower. However, his ways of competing that goal wasn’t a good representation of being a leader.

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