Significant Time Management Strategies

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We all have the same 24 hours, yet, learning to manage time is crucial to our goals, health, and life styles. Every student struggles with managing time, and procrastination has become his biggest enemy. However, every small change in managing time can result in a worthy reward.

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Time management must become a habit. There are several time management strategies that can help students in becoming successful time managers; however, the same time management strategies may not work for every student. This paper will address 8 Strategies for better time Management that are crucial to my success in this doctorate program”prioritizing tasks, setting realistic daily goals, planning ahead, leaving buffer time in-between, learning to say No, self-caring, delegating tasks, and eliminating time wasters.

The strategy of prioritizing tasks should begin by looking at what I spend my day doing. I have noticed that I easily focus on those things which is believed demand an instant response, like telephone texts, emails, and WhatsApp, and I delay in doing high-level projects which are most important, such as my research papers. Most people who are like me often spend time doing things that are not of a high priority. Of course, without a doubt, this needs to be changed, and prioritizing my time needs to be my main goal. To be successful in this program, prioritizing my daily tasks I consider to be the key of time management strategy I must use. Prioritizing will make sure I realize the most important tasks first. I will begin to identify my priorities by addressing”what my values are, what my goals are, what my responsibilities are, and the impact of each of my activities (Green, 2017).

Another important time management tool is goal setting. Goals setting in the life of a student provides direction which helps him work toward a successful outcome. By setting goals, students know daily where to focus their time and how to prioritize their assignments. When setting goals, I must be mindful that my goals should be realistic, attainable, and challenging (Vanderkam, 2016). Every goal should have a set deadline attached to it. By doing so, the student will be motivated to meet the goal within the assigned period. Additionally, goals setting provide the student with the necessary information to develop his action plan for each goal which in turn will guide his daily tasks (Anthony, n.d.). By setting my goals, I put yourself in control and will not have to wonder what should be done next.

Many times, I find myself being busy all day and did not show any progress on my high-priority tasks and goals. Had I known how to plan my time properly, I believe I would thus make time for my tasks that really matters and still have time for family,

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