Significance Of Moral Integrity

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In accordance to the Singapore Nursing Boards (SNB) Nurses pledge (2018a), newly graduated Nurses are required to recite, I will uphold the integrity of the professional nurse.
Integrity refers to an internal quality within oneself, demonstrating moral consistency and responsibilities (SNB, 2018a). Consequently, Moral integrity is affiliated with ethical knowledge and moral acts that are impacted by mutually accepted ethical standards and principles (Lasala, 2009).

Ethics cover the theory while morals cover the practice (Bryant & Velle, 2018). As nursing centers around people and health, Registered Nurses (RNs) should practice with moral integrity critically. The purpose of this paper is to to uphold the integrity of the professional nurse by establishing the significance of moral integrity in the clinical practice.

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Significance of Moral Integrity in Nursing Practice

The public trusts nurses; trust, however, is not an entitlement, but a privilege (Lasala, 2009). Ethical behavior is a vital component of nursing practice, and may be influenced by the opinions and actions of peers (Hart and Morgan, 2010). As nurses are depicted to be knowledgeable, caring and competent as patient advocators, they are the bridge between healthcare providers and patients.

Granted that a nurses interventions are moral, nurses should practice with the patients best interests in mind. With increased role responsibility and demand, nurses face additional challenges to integrate moral concepts, values and integrity (Lasala, 2009). Possessing moral integrity in the face of these challenges are relevant in clinical practice, as RNs may tend to cut corners through immoral acts.

Depending on the individuality of virtues and morality, nurses misconduct, particularly in integrity,

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