Sick Around the World

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What does “universal health care mean? Which countries in the film have universal health care? “Universal healthcare” or “universal coverage” refers to a scenario where everyone is covered for basic healthcare services, and no one is denied care as long as they are legal residents in the geography covered. Countries that have universal health care coverage are United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan. Although all five countries that was discussed in the video “Sick Around the World”, have universal healthcare coverage, each health care policy are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the people. The United Kingdom provides public healthcare to all UK permanent residents may receive free health care service at the point of need which is paid through taxes. In addition, each also has a private healthcare sector which is considerably smaller than its public equivalent, with provision of private healthcare acquired by means of private health insurance, funded as part of an employer funded healthcare scheme or paid directly by the customer. Also, they are the only country that was discussed that had a GP or General Practitioner. The GP acts as a gatekeeper in assisting patients in receiving specialized care. Japan’s universal coverage was another country that was investigated. It provides health care services to approximately one hundred and thirty million people and only uses eight percent of the country’s GDP (gross domestic product). Germany has a universal health care plan that can cover everyone with the option of opting out and selecting a private company for health care services. The insurance’s premiums are based on an individual income. Obama’s idea: Starting in 2014, middle-class families and individuals who don’t have insurance through work can get tax credits to help them buy affordable coverage on the new health insurance exchanges. Through the new health insurance exchanges or through employers, Americans will be able to purchase affordable health coverage at lower rates, and many will be eligible for tax credits to help lower costs. Employers who choose to offer employees health insurance can receive tax cuts of up to 35% of premiums this year, and up to 50% in 2014.

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