Should the US have Stricter Gun Control

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Someone once said If guns kill people then pencils must misspell words, spoons must make people fat, and cars must make people drive drunk. After recent acts of violence that involved guns, such as school shootings, America has almost been torn apart over the subject of gun control. This topic is highly controversial in the United States because of the two side of Pro-gun and Gun-control activist.

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The US should not have stricter gun laws, because of the fact that even if the government were to try and tighten the leash on guns it will not stop the violence.
To begin, Mental Health is not only a big part of today’s issues but it also can play a part in acts of violence.

One of the topics that frequently arise in the aftermath of mass shootings in the United States: that mental illness causes gun violence. This statement is certainly true in most instances of violence. These issues become obscured when mass shootings happen and mentally ill people that had caused the acts of violence ceases to be a medical designation and becomes a sign of violent threat. In a contentious press conference, National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre blamed delusional killers for violence in the United States, while calling for a national registry of persons with mental illness.

This is important because what he was saying was that there should be some form of a list of people that have a type of mental illness. A number of states passed bills that required mental health professionals to report dangerous patients to local officials,

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