Should She Tell the Truth?

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Dr. Lance is in a resilient position because she has a decision to make. Dr.

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Lance knows that Mr. Battin is shorting prescriptions, and she knows that it is morally wrong for him to be doing this. Mr. Battin is the owner of the pharmacy, so she might be hesitant to inform the department that he has been lying and cheating his patients out of their full prescriptions. She could just pretend not to notice that he is doing this and turn a blind eye.. Mr. Battin is choosing his pharmacies wellbeing over his patients. Although he’s choosing his pharmacy, he does not realize he is breaking the trust between his patients and himself, which is a very important key in running a business. You want to have trust with your patients. Dr. Batten isn’t considering the principle of beneficence. He is not bringing out the good in his patients, but he is rather providing them with harm. Dr. Lance should feel that she has a moral obligation to her patient’s trust. The trust in her profession of pharmacy is being threatened by Mr. Battin’s faulty practice. She should realize that her responsibilities are more complex and she should take the best interest in the patients wellbeing.

I believe that the right decision for Dr. Lance to take is to report Mr. Battin and then inform all of the patients that have been shorted by him. Even with all his excuses and him saying that he is only shorting maintenance prescriptions, or that the patients come in for a refill before they run out, still does not make this morally acceptable. Mr. Battin is taking away these patient’s rights. In an article I read called The Five Rights of Medication Administration, the Vice President of the Safe Medication Practices (SMP), Judy Smetzer, talks about the five rights. These five rights are the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right time. She talks about how we are quick to blame a nurse or practitioner when the five rights are broken. She simply states that the five rights should be followed as a goal and not a strict rule or law. I agree with Judy in this aspect because not all of the time is there a mistake made on purpose.

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