Should prostitution be legalized

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One article reads, In Munich, for instance, streetwalking is restricted to nine designated areas of the city. In two of these areas, streetwalkers may ply their trade at any time of day. In the other seven, prostitutes are allowed on the streets only between 8 pm and 6 am. Prostitutes who solicit and negotiate off the street may practice at any time of day in any part of Munich, except in the city center (Yondorf, 1979).

Prostitution has been legalized in many European countries including, Austria, Denmark, England, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and West Germany (Yondorf, 1979). Brothels were also legalized in Nevada in 1971 and there’s an estimated 21 in existence today. Prostitution is legal in certain countries and now the US is starting to ponder the question of legalized prostitution. The question it, should it be?

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For prostitution & strengths/weaknesses

Weitzer notes that there are around 90,000 arrests made every year in the US for the violation of prostitution laws. Studies have shown that millions of dollars are spent on enforcing prostitution laws every year and the San Francisco Crime Committee determined that spending on trying to control the issue buys essentially nothing of a positive nature. While the Atlanta’s Task Force on Prostitution believed it was a waste of money. They also believed that law enforcement didn’t help much and little protection could be offered anyways. The problem could only be contained (Weitzer, 2000). Alternatives to the criminalization of prostitution was evaluated in this article.


Decriminalization would eliminate forms of criminal penalties and would leave prostitution unregulated. There is virtually no public support of decriminalization and public policy makers are virtually opposed. Taken to the most serious level, decriminalization would allow prostitutes and their customers to engage sexually without restriction, except for prohibitions on public nudity and sex, (Weitzer, 2000).


Legalization of prostitution would be the licensing or registration, confining prostitutes to red light districts, state-restricted brothels, mandatory medical exams, special business taxes, etc. The goal behind this tactic is that it would eliminate some of the above problems. However, the public seems to be divided on the issue, while policy makers seem to be silent on the issue as it would be condoning prostitution.

Legalization confines prostitution to specific areas. In Nevada, where prostitution is legal in some areas, brothels are limited to small-scale operations in rural parts of Nevada. But this model still doesn’t solve the problem of street prostitution in urban areas.

To determine whether or not this tactic would be successful depends on a prostitute’s willingness to move along with the regulations at hand. Prostitutes who have johns are sometimes not allowed to work in the zoned areas. Even with the stipulations, putting regulations who can work in the sex industry,

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