Should Prostitution be Legal

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Every human being should not have to result in selling their body in order to live. People should have more respect for themselves and their bodies.Many people within this profession are often forced and are not prostituting by choice.Legalizing prostitution diminishes not only the status of women and men but the government as an economy. The industry takes advantage of vulnerable and lost minded people.

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This paper will expose how prostitution opens up a wide range of safety hazards, health problems that are not easily treatable, and corruption within the legislative branch.The occupation of prostitution is though a voluntary job; many women choose to be in that field of work because of the poverty within the community they live in,trouble with financial stability, and search for empty love and affection.

The life of prostitution is for sure no fairy tale but seems to be the gateway for troubled and confused young women. According to the article, Making Prostitution Legal does not ’empower’ women- it turns them into commodities, prostitution attracts younger women not giving young girls a chance of life itself. Some will debate how prostitution is a victimless crime, but from the evidence, many will firmly disagree. The victim is the sex worker; the young ladies and men who feel there is no other way to live or sadly the only way to live. Movies like Pretty Woman glamorizes prostitution in a way that it is a desirable kind of occupation a person would want, but in reality the murder rate for an American prostitute is 204 for every 100,000, according to the website . Many prostitutes are often sufferers of abusive homes. Sadly as a result of the neglect and disapproval of young people in homes throughout their lifespan, 60% of prostitutes are runaways. Youth who flee their homes are most of the population of prostitutes and puts the youth of our country at high risked of being sex trafficked. Teens can also influence other teens to prostitute, having the number of sex workers increase dramatically at such a young age.

The existence of Prostitution to our society is a treachery to men and women. Many will limit prostitution to just females,whereas both male and females are within this profession. As for women, many begin prostitution to receive large sums of money and to support themselves through college, starting as young as 12 years-old. For men, they began to prostitute because of their preferred gender and the lack of employment opportunities.On average, men join the sex industry as young as 14 years-old. The clients from prostitution often times believe they are too ugly and unable to have sex without paying for it. This feeling markets the occupation and even brings more regard to it. Most people would argue that prostitution is a choice of the prostitutes but some can strongly disagree.

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