Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?

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Physician-assisted suicide is a area of much controversy and discussion. Whether you are for or against this procedure, you have heard of it in one form or another. In my paper I would like to bring to life many aspects of this growing practice. In my paper I will discuss religion, laws, personal choices, as well as one major question: Sanctity of life vs Quality of life.

Religion is an area that is in most decisions you make, so why is end of life any different. TO dive in to this area, you must understand all sides involved. The patient, the patientr’s family, and more often forgotten the physician who is assisting. In an excerpt from an article I read it states Fully to appreciate the implications of assimilating assisted death into medical practice, one must recognize the spiritual significance of killing on the physicians who euthanize patients or who aid and abet patients in killing themselves. (Physician-Assisted suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia: How not to Die as a Christian.) One must really understand the dilemma that the physician has when agreeing to help one end their life. They are bound by an oath to help, but at the same time the same oath states to do no harm. This is an area that is very hard for many physicians to have. They must also except the implications of helping someone end their life, to deal with the burden of guilt, as well as the guilt sometimes brought on by the family left behind.

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Physician are not the most important to think of the religious consequences of euthanasia, but the patient more so. They are the ones who must make the ultimate decision to end their life. But who says that to end their life should be against oner’s religion? There are many reasons and decisions to think of. Religion also states that one should not have to suffer, and we should do anything to help our loved ones find peace.

Another area that is very important in the area of physician assisted suicide is the legality of it all. Only few states are even legal to have euthanasia as an option at the end of life. One article state We argue that moving from opposition to neutrality is not ethically neutral, but a substantive shift from prohibited to optional. (Physician-Assisted Suicide: Why Neutrality by Organized Medicine Is Neither Neutral Nor Appropriate.) this is its self asks the question of being legal and ethical. Rather more so is it morally right vs legally right. The debate amongst the medical community is split. Many are for euthanasia while there are still some against or on the fence as far as their feelings on the subject. In 2014, Brittany Maynard a you woman with brain cancer moved to Oregon so she could end her suffering.

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