Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Allowed for Terminally Ill Patients?

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The United States is a nation that is founded on the rights of freedom and liberty, giving each citizen the right to make their own decisions. This freedom includes having a decision on oner’s life, including medical care. The ongoing struggle between those who are in favor, and those who oppose this subject have ravaged the medical field, making everyone question what is morally and ethically right.

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Physician assisted suicide is neither morally nor ethically acceptable in any circumstance, itr’s a direct violation to the doctorr’s Hippocratic Oath, and had legal consequences that could decrease the professionalism of physicians.

First therer’s a moral issue. Morality usually concerns how our choices bear on the immanent goods of human persons, such as life and health, friendships, etc. We have to care of every person, and help them preserve their goods. Since these goods are the aspects of the person itself, to act against any of the goods, is to act against the person themself, US physicians remain sharply divided on assisted suicide because of morals and ethic based principles (Gopal). Having the choice to kill a human, even to prevent suffering, is contrary to the appreciation for the person themself, in terms of killing others and killing oneself. It doesnt mean that we should take all measure to preserve someoner’s life, but help relieve them of their pain and keep them there until the end of their life, the physicians constitutive professional role is to attend to those who are sick and debilitated, seeking to preserve the measure of health that can be preserved(ORounce). It isnt intentionally right to destroy the person in order to remove the pain and the suffering, A personr’s sense of self-worth is profoundly affected by the views of other people in their lives, and so they would be harmed by the practice of PAS, leading many to depression and requesting suicide because of the deference to others. Thus, out of compassion and care for the patients who are terminally ill, PAS should remain illegal.

Not only is it morally wrong but it goes against the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath. By promoting physician assisted suicide, the doctors invalidate their pledges to be the best healers that they could possibly be.

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