Should Parents Buy Cell Phones For Their Children

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Have you ever thought how different was your childhood from the one that many children live and experience today? Do you still remember the joy and excitement receiving new toys,clothes or even hand-written letters brought you when you were younger?If many of these things are nothing but a distant memory living in your head for you,fear not,because you are not the only person facing various changes and lifestyles throughout the years.Our world is evolving everyday and technology develops step by step together with it.Nowdays we can’t even remember how our lives were before this miracle we call technology,a miracle that was invented by the mankind and has made a significant progress in helping us accomplish tasks easier, continuing to grow and has gradually become an inseparable part and influence of our daily life and routine.It has taken over the world in a very short period and has moulded its shapes into our schedules,no matter the age of the user.A variety of gadgets are available globally,such as llaptops,macbooks,tables,IPads,computers and most importantly cell phones,which are present in a big percentage of every activity we do during our day.They are extremely easy to use,accessible and adaptive,making them irrepleacable for the society.Cell phones offer many wonderful things,however a popular dilemma is often associated with it:Should younger audiences be able to get their hands on this technology gadget,since even though productive,has a negative side attached to its name?.

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Many parents today are confronted with the problem of deciding whether to buy a new cell phone for their children or vote against it.Most of them though find it a very good idea to purchase them since not only they fulfill their childrens’

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