Should Brett Kavanaugh be put on the Supreme Court

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Brett Michael Kavanaugh is an American citizen, who was born on 12 February 1965, and has served in the judicial arm of government under different capacities. Kavanaugh holds two degrees, one in American History and another in Law. He acquired the two degrees from Yale University, a university considered one of the best in America.

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Although he holds two degrees, he has practiced law for the better part of his life. Kavanaugh has managed to rise through the ranks in judicial service, and currently serves as an Associate Justice of the American Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Recently, Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump to the Supreme Court in place of the retiring justice, Anthony Kennedy while such nomination has sparked a mixed reaction in the United States due to a series of allegations surrounding his social life.

While the name of Kavanaugh was still on the short list of Supreme Court nominees, a series of allegations were registered by different people to bar his nomination. One of the complainants was a professor of psychology from Alto University named Christine Blasey Ford. The professor claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh back in the year 1980 when they were still in high school (Stolberg, 2018). The allegation sparked mixed reaction considering that Kavanaugh was to serve in one of the highest Court in the land. The American constitution bars any form of abuse, and individuals with dirty records are not allowed to serve in offices of high capacity. Apart from Christine, other women also registered their claims about Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct (Stolberg, 2018). Due to the high number of claims of sexual assault, the case was registered in the Senate judiciary committee, and FBI investigation launched to ascertain the claims. However, it is challenging to investigate incidences that happened thirty years ago without any formal form of complaint registered.

Cases of rape and sexual assault are based on immediate evidence, hence, compelling the complainants to produce substantial evidence that links the accused to the misconduct. In some instances, complaints may be a conspiracy launched by an opponent to malign the name of a nominee (McCarthy, 2017). As much as rape is considered a serious offense, care must also be taken in dealing with such cases. In the case of Kavanaugh, the complaints launched against him are based on historical assertions that are difficult to prove.

The American constitution gives the President the power to appoint ambassadors, public ministers, and judges of the Supreme Court. The President in his capacity as the head of government can, therefore, appoint members to the positions mentioned above irrespective of their race, political, and religious affiliations (Gerhardt & Stein, 2015). In the case of Supreme Court judges,

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