Should Birth Control be Illegal in the United States?

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Should birth control be illegal in the United States? One of the most controversial topics in today’s society benefits women more than they might think. So for all those years you don’t want to be pregnant, choosing a highly effective method of contraception can also be a smart move toward a healthier future. Birth control can help with regulating severe periods, preventing unwanted pregnancies, and reduces the risks of getting ovarian cysts and uterine cancer.

People might just think birth control is for preventing pregnancies but there are many other benefits birth control gives to women. Birth control can help women who have severe periods. Birth control reduces the amount of blood during a women’s period. Many women have very heavy blood flow during their menstrual cycle and the estrogen in birth control breaks down the blood and thickens it into a blood clot. Approximately 80 percent of women with a healthy uterus and heavy bleeding respond to birth control pills. Another problem women have with periods is the pain they get from cramps . Menstrual cramps are caused by the release of prostaglandins, this causes your uterine muscles to contract, causing cramps. Birth control pills are made up of estrogen and progestin, which blocks the production of prostaglandin. Birth control can also help with migraines many women experience during their periods. Migraines happen to women when the estrogen level drops, which is why women might get headaches right before their period because the estrogen levels fluctuate. Birth control helps prevent these migraines by keeping the estrogen level stable.

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One of the main thing and most controversial things women use birth control for is preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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