Should America have declared war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

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Was President Roosevelt right to ask congress in the famous Day of Infamy Speech to declare such a war (PPT)? The events surrounding the declaration, mainly the bombing of Pearl Harbor, left such an impact on the forces of American military, I believe that President Roosevelt and Congress had no other choice. In my recent watching of the movie Pearl Harbor, and even though there are historical errors within the movie, I felt as if the movie gave the impression that the right decision was made.

In less than two hours the Japanese managed to destroy almost 20 American ships and 300 American planes (PPT). Although the Pacific fleet was far from crippled the damage was significant in that over 2400 military personnel and civilians lost their lives. (PPT) The movie Pearl Harbor hid the historical facts of the events leading Americans into involvement in WWII behind a romantic love story. Instead of portraying the main reasons for the attack, such as Japan’s desire to expand in the pacific, or the sanctions placed on the Japanese by the Americans it chose to simplify the reasons by laying the blame on the Americans denying Japan the oil it needed. The facts were that US was unhappy with the aggressive moves of Japan on China, and with the Tripartite Act in which Japan joined the axis powers of Germany and Italy, which in turn caused relations between the two countries to deteriorate. (PPT) These actions lead to the freezing of Japanese assets in the US (PPT) and a recognition that an attack was inevitable”but no one knew when or where it would take place.

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