Shattering Of The Faith

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The blood of the lamb, was shed for me on the cross at Golgotha. The choir continued to sing while the Bishop walked around the church,solemnly, pouring incense. Other than the choir singing, there was dead silence among the congregation.

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He died today, like he died so many years ago. For you! You sinners caused our dear Lord his life. Oh children! Why? Why couldn’t you stay away from sin? Even as he died, you ungrateful sinners still live in sin, punishing our Master for what he believed he didn’t do but still paid for it. The Bishop cried out in agony, in an effort to prick the conscience of his members. Oh come to him, come you sinners to the feet of he who hung on the cross for your sake. He added. Some members went out to kneel at the base of the altar. All crying as they begged for forgiveness. They confessed how they were sorry for partaking in murder by being the reason Christ died.

Oh yes, for his blood was shed. His innocent heart ripped by the swirling whip. Do you not know? Your sins killed him and hung him on the cross at Golgotha. The choir continued their special Easter song. The Bishop stood over the crying sinners begging to return home. He sprinkled Holy water and anointing oil on them as he prayed to God to forgive their sins because they had no idea of what they had done to his son, the Christ.Anna, an elderly woman whispered to the young lady sitting by her, Anna, go and beg for forgiveness. Go now as the Bishop is pacifying the wrath of God. Auntie, I will not go. Anna replied sharply. She didn’t want to be there. She didn’t want to be sitting among the people she believed to be liars from the pit of hell. Yaa! You want to burn in Hell? I told your father, don’t let this child live in the world, but he wouldn’t listen. Listen to yourself, you don’t want to go and beg for forgiveness for the crime you committed. Yee! Auntie was clearly stimulated and looked as if she would drag the reluctant Anna to the altar herself. Auntie, God has seen my heart. If he says I have sin, then I will beg him. God please don’t send her to Hell for killing your son.

She will come to her senses soon and beg you. Amen. Auntie said a quick prayer as Anna scoffed at her. Time is going. The blood is shed. Come and fall at his feet and confess. The Bishop kept speaking through the choirs’ song. Anna Jacobs wasn’t always apathetic towards religion or life. There was a time in her life when she walked the path of a true believer starting from the tender age of five,she had been actively involved in the choir,

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