Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Research Assignment

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Queen Elizabeth I: Queen Elizabeth was Queen of England from 1558-1603. The era she reigned in is know as England’s golden age because of the reformation taking place. She had an unpleasant childhood and as a result it affected some of the decisions she made while on the throne. A few of her more remarkable accomplishments are the Elizabethan Religious Settlement, and the defeat of the great spanish armada. The previous Kings had made many changes in religion, the Elizabethan Religious Settlement was The Queen’s way of bringing the country together. Queen Elizabeth was known for giving amazing speeches. Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 69 years old. Her legacy has lasted longer than she could’ve ever imagined (Elizabeth I). Renaissance England: Renaissance is by definition the rebirth of art, education and culture.

The English Renaissance occurred at the end of the middle ages. The middle ages wa a time of destruction, a learning decline. Girolamo was a religious leader during the renaissance that believed if the citizens of corrupt cities prayed, they could be redeemed. Artist during this period often painted the human body, stressing the beauty of the human body. The most important aspect of the renaissance is humanism. Humanism combines human actions and feelings with religion. The most important branch of learning during the Renaissance was theology. Simply put theology is the study of God (Hawkins).

William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare was born April 26th, 1564 and died April 23rd 1616.

He is considered by many to be the greatest dramatist of all time. Shakespeare wrote many plays, some of the more well known plays are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. Shakespeare’s plays were performed in a theatre called the Globe Theatre. The Globe burned down in 1613, and was rebuilt by 1614. Shakespeare was also apart of a company called Lord Chamberlain’s Men (William).

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