Sexual Assault

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Sexual violence has become a day to day activities where both men and women claim to be assaulted sexually in different ways. The sexual activity which involves any form of sexual contact with an individual without their approval results to sexual assault. The different nature of sexual harassment has been greatly documented in various platforms mostly involving men as being responsible for the majority of assault. Mostly the victims of sexual assault are normally ladies and young girls. This problem has raised numerous debates concerning the main causes of sexual assault with different arguments where people conflict on whether sexual assault is a result of nature or is being greatly contributed by the way individuals are nurtured. This has led to the development of a lot of social problems, political issues as well as the development of non-governmental bodies which have emerged to be in the frontline to advocate for the protection of individuals from the events of sexual assault. This has therefore led to the creation of awareness to sensitize the issue to ensure that the cases of sexual assault are reduced to the minimum levels so as to develop a safe environment which is safe from any form of sexual mistreatment. Different arguments have been made on the main causes of sexual assault. Some people argue that the behavior of the victims in the event of the sexual assault has great influence on the occurrence of the act. They argue that such behaviors entail situations where the victim is drunk, where they move at night in private places, where the victims wear sexy clothes or situations, where the victims send sexual signals to the perpetrators, increases the chances of the victim to be sexually assaulted (Elliott et al, 204). Others argue that sexual assault results when a perpetrator of the sexual act utilizes the advantage of either power, social class or status they have to undertake the act. Therefore, it is required that the people who are vulnerable to sexual assault should take care of themselves and ensure that they do not undertake activities that would increase their chances of being sexually assaulted. These activities require that women should be responsible for the things they due to their perceived mode as being major motivators of most sexual assault instances (Bryant-Davis, 348). Biologically, it is argued that men dominate over the females in terms of sexuality and this aspect also forms the basis of perceiving men as the main perpetrators of sexual assault since they are always actively trying to enhance the continuation of the species along the biological line. The main forms of sexual assault which are normally common involve cases of rape where the perpetrator forcefully penetrates the victim irrespective of the circumstance (Ullman,

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