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Same-Sex Marriages

Executive Summary

The public policy explored in this analysis will include section one from the family code titles, marriage relationship. This issue is more prevalent than most would imagine. In 1990 the American bureau of census reported 145,130 same-gender unmarried couples living together. That number is reported to have increased to 594,691 by the year 2000 (Pawelski et al., 2006). According to President Bush, it is up to the individual state to determine any “legal arrangements other than marriage”. This leaves the definition of marriage up to the individual governments.

It is essential to define the different unions as well as have a strong understanding of the implications of each within the state of Texas. According to Bogenschnider, Theory of Paradox consists of three camps that view issues from different angles. The concerned camp tends to be more conservative with their views on the family. It also strives to protect the traditional family values. The sanguine camp is more concerned with the welfare of the children, as well as the individual rights of people of all sexual orientations. The impatient camp seeks progress and respects all members of the community regardless of the concern for the traditional family values.

The concerned camp views same-sex marriage as an insult to the historical family unit and the foundations from which the family system was derived. This group is concerned with the research indicating that many stressors responsible for creating significant amount of anxiety and distress for those in the homosexual relationships. This camp is also concerned that regardless of their lifestyle homosexual individuals are still required to “conform” to traditional heterosexual family styles in order to adopt, regardless of the findings. (I don’t understand this sentence, regardless of what findings?) The teenagers facing their homosexual lifestyle were also found to be more at risk for negative behaviors, including substance abuse and suicide. The concerned camp desires to see the traditional family unit remain intact for the welfare of all individuals, especially the children.

The sanguine camp views recent family changes positively as indicators of the capacity of families to adapt to new environments rather than symptoms of decline. The sanguine camp considers the positive results of these family changes for individuals, especially women. The sanguine camp contends that children have the capacity to overcome the emotional upheaval and long term consequences of divorce. They tend to focus on people who have thrived in the midst of family change.

The sanguine camp regards marriage, commitment and nurturance as unchanging core American values no matter what. Contenders of this view declare that the dramatic changes in the last quarter century were not about family value but about norms and standards regarding appropriate or inappropriate behavior. For example, cohabitation before marriage became common and one of four children born outside of marriage but majority still want to be married. Regarding policy-making, the greatest concern for the sanguine camp is individual freedom.

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