Seven-Headed Luther Machiavelli The Prince

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Print and Political Cartoons are heavily associated with the Reformation. It fueled the balance of the Protestant Cause. For the Protestants, Print was a very impactful way of opposing the Church and State power.

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It was used to spread ideas, beliefs, spread the word of God and build public opinion. Martin Luther was a very important part of the Protestant Reformation. He was a German Monk who became the most influential and controversial person of Christianity. He opposed the Catholic Church and made it know to the general public. He gathered many followers and was backed up by his people. He criticized the Roman Catholic Church and wanted the word of God to dictate affairs and not the Pope. This created a rift that separated the Roman Catholic Church and Protestants. However, Print was not only used by the Protestants. The Roman Catholics made use of it to counter the exposure of its own corruption. One Major Political Cartoon they created was the Seven Headed Luther. This Political Cartoon appeared in the early 1520s.

A very famous cartoon it was the title page of the Pamphlet written by Johann Cochleus. This was a shot at the Protestants Martin Luther. They Represented Luther as the dragon of the apocalypse or as an AntiChrist mentioned in the Bible. The creator of this Political Cartoon is thought to be a man by the name of Hans Brosamer. The seven heads had symbols and meanings and they aren’t just there for no reason. They are a Doctor, shown by the head with a doctor’s cap. A saint shown by the head of a monk.

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