September 11 and Role Of Media

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Media helped to make the differences in these memories not so different as their individual memories were influenced as they discovered more information from the media. Robert continued in saying, when I was finally able to go back to New York City, a city I had loved all my life, I have an image in my head that I will never get out. The towers weren’t there anymore, it was a painful thing to see, it was a frightening thing to see, and it was an awing thing to see.

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You know you hear people say ‘I can’t believe my eyes’, well that was certainly one of those days. Something I had looked up to and wanted to work in all my life, was suddenly gone (Taddeo, Robert). These images that the media displayed repetitively as a way to remember the devastation, individuals had seen up close and personal. For them, the medias repetition triggered their individual memories, some more extreme than others ranging from triggering severe PTSD or the mere recollection of the events that have impacted their life. The media caused those individual memories to be heightened by the constant repetition of the suffering they endured that day by the media. The September 11 terrorist attacks were one of the most memorable events in United States history due to the fact that it was one of the most documented events, as professional news crews, filmmakers, videographers, and photographers stood in the middle of the chaos to catch documentation of the event in the evolving media age. In a survey that asked Americans, aged 18 and older, to name the top ten events they believed impacted America within their lifetime, 76 percent of all Americans named 9/11 as one of the most significant (Wilkinson, James).

The overwhelming amount of media coverage surrounding the attacks created a generated a sense of national unity as people were glued to the visual images of the crashing planes and huge dark clouds of smoke that took over the television networks. The media broadcasting of the events unified the memories of the public as millions watched the same videos and heard the same stories, which become ingrained in their memory. The intense media broadcastings have become so entrenched in the minds of the American people that it still resonates with them as one of the most impactful events in U.S. history. For those who actually witnessed the event, these traumatizing images will be forever ingrained into their memory as they deal with the nightmares and psychological trauma for years to follow. However, thanks to the media, those who weren’t physically there can still have those haunting images ingrained into their memory as if they were there. The September 11 terrorist attacks led to a disperse of shocking global media events that dominated public attention and provoked reams of discourse,

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