Separation of Powers in Australia

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1. Explain the Doctrine of the Separation of Powers and how it operates in Australia. (350 words) The doctrine of the separation of powers is a political system used in Australia, where the institutions of government are divided into three main branches.

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These include the executive, legislative, and judicial(Greenfeld, 2012). The legislature includes the parliament that is responsible of making the laws of the country. The executive includes the ministries that are responsible of putting the laws made by the legislature into operation. The judiciary, which made up of the courts, is responsible of giving interpretation to the laws. The doctrine of separation of powers is usually said to be a cornerstone to fair Australia, this doctrine is puts together the uncomplicated democratic concepts that are part of the Westminster system, the version of power separation of United States, and the responsible government doctrine. Separation of powers has been a highly complicated issue in Australia due to the fact that it has not been totally described where the ultimate power lies within the political system of Australia. It has been difficult to argue out whether there is an overlap between the different branches of the doctrine of separation of power in Australia, although between these different branches, there is a visible common ground. In Victorian Stevedoring & General Contracting Co Pty Ltd &Meakes v Dignan, the high court ruled that it was not practical to have a division that is strict between the executive and the legislature; hence re-affirming this to be outlined in the constitution(Carney, 2000).Little distinction exists between the Australian legislature and executive as seen in the above case.Members of the executive of Australia are actually members of the Parliament. The Governor-general is responsible of appointing the executive and judge of the high court, yet he is part of the Parliament(Greenfeld, 2012). From the Australian constitution, section 64 provides that the members of the executive who are federal ministers must be part of the parliament(Carney, 2000). This establishes a clear connection between the legislature and the executive, hence eliminating the total separation of the executive and legislature as seen in the American system. TheAustraliansystem of separation of powers stipulates thatthe political branches are not supposed to interrupt judicial activities. 2. Is there a true separation of powers between the institutions of government in Australia? (350 words) The separation of powers phenomenon between the Australian institutions of government is not clear. There is no true separation between the executive and legislature. This means that there is no true separation between the institutions of government. This is evident with the fact that the members of the executive must be members of the Parliament. On the other hand, the federal judiciary of Australia has strictly protected its independence from the legislature and the executive. This means that in the case of the judiciary,

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