Security Transportation

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Background Information

Crime has escalated to bank sectors, therefore, sharing the limelight with the transit sector. Washington being a location for United States government, home to over 200 foreign companies also where Congress/ Supreme Court holds session, terrorists find it an excellent place to invade and fulfill their agenda (Sperry, 2011). A terrorist attack has been the significant threat that public institutions face and have to act upon.

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Since video surveillance cannot detect metals, at each bank entry customers, have to pass through a metal detecting machine where weapons can be detected, and appropriate measures are taken. The city being a highly administrative place in the world, more actions have to be put in place because terrorist will use any loophole to seek attention. This proposals aims at mitigating any terrorist activity targeting any financial institution.

A review of the Literature

Robbery too is a threat to the bank system. Recently a woman, 22, managed to rob a bank and attempted to rob three others but was caught while in action (Hamm, 2011). In an attempt to rob three other banks within the same area however her efforts were fruitless as one of the tellers’in the banks pressed the security alarm notifying the security officers of crime. Crimes in banks have become rampant thus requiring the administration to install more video surveillance and security camera system to detect any criminal /strange activity. Personnel is put in place to watch the videos at all-time leaving no room for idling. With the current technology, robbery has gone a notch higher as clients’accounts are being hacked and all their cash wire transferred (Clark &

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