Security on Social Media

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Social networking has a lot of threats to them over these past few years. A lot of these sites like Facebook deal with security issues on their websites. In their research paper Schaik, Jansen, Onibokun, Camp, & Kusev (2018), examined the security threats that is on social networks.

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When people share online there will always be concern over the security issues because of what happened just a few days ago with Facebook. It was breached, and someone threatened the founder of Facebook. Security is a big issue when it comes to social networks. There will always be risks involved when people go on these sites. There are many risks when it comes to these sites and Schaik et al., (2018) discussed some in their research. Some of the risks that they pointed out were the behavior of the users.

The user would have some behaviors problems when it came to sharing information and it would be a high-risk factor when it comes to these sites. It all about the human behavior to sharing information online that Schaik et al., (2018), talked about. They mostly talked about the beahviors risk when it comes to social networking and what it will do to people online. People who have problems of their own always vent it out on these sites and they get in trouble for it. People beahivor on these social networking sites are becoming more and more problematic. There need to be a solution for these when it comes to these types of problems. People need to takes the time and look at what they can do to help solve these problem. Some people have trouble sharing online because of the internet useage on these sites. The apporach of the people using online webistes have increased over the past few years and it will continue to grow over time. A lot of these sites are being more used than ever before like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users who contact detail have been revelaed have become the subject to harassment in a the most mean ways of cyber-bullying or they might become a vicitm of identify theft (Schaik et al., 2018).

People who haved been a vicitm of cyber-bullying have wanted to do terrrible things to themselves. Cyber-bullying need to be stoped soon and fast. Also,

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