Security issues in peer-to-peer networking

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The interest in the field of networking, driven me to take the computer networking as my course in M.Sc. there are many different types of networks. Out of them the more popularized and upcoming trend of networks are peer-to-peer networks.

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This report of my final dissertation for the partial fulfilment of my M.Sc, computer networking, would not have been possible without the support of my supervisor, Mr. Harry Benetatos. He helped me a lot by guiding me and pin-pointing the key mistakes which I have done during my research. My course leader Mr. Nicholas Ioannides also helped me a lot to complete this dissertation. His advises and suggestions gave me a lot of encouragement and support which made me do this research and finish it in time. I am very thankful to my university, LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY which provided me the free access to the IEEE library which helped me to find the key papers which are very useful for my research. I also thank my parents for their support given to me in all walks of my life.


I dedicate this report to my parents and my well wisher Sakshi for their constant support and encouragement throughout my education and life.




This dissertation is all about the security issues in the peer-to-peer networks. There are many security issues in peer-to-peer networks. I have chosen to do research on worm intrusions in peer-to-peer networks. In this document I have mentioned how the worm propagates in the network from one peer to another peer, how the worm can be detected and how the detected worm can be attacked and save the network from getting infected.

1.2 AIM:

Security issue in Peer-to-peer networks:

Securing the peer-to-peer network from worms. 


Ø To understand how the peers communicate with each other in the peer-to-peer network

Ø To analyse the propagation of worms in the network.

Ø To detect the worms near the nodes of the network

Ø To defence the worms in the network.


This document briefly discusses about how the worms propagates in the network and how can it be detected and attacked in order to save the peer-to-peer network


My approach for this dissertation is as follows:

Ø Understanding peer-to-peer networks

Ø Defining the problem

Ø Data collection and analysis

Ø Study and understanding the existing solutions for the problem

Ø Comparing different solutions

Ø conclusion


This section of my document contains what important steps to be followed in order to achieve the mentioned objectives.

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