Second Industrial Revolution

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The Second Industrial Revolution and World War II drastically changed society on both an economic and societal scale. The revolution was a technological advancement which was a result of increased human intellectualism. The revolution signified the creation of the American urban economy that is in-effect today.

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World War II was a time of unity that progressed social equality and sustained the economic growth that began during the Industrial Revolution. A further analysis of the Second Industrial Revolution and World War II will exemplify their impacts on the United States both economically and societally. Although there are distinct differences between the two time periods, World

War II and the second Industrial Revolution introduced eras of unprecedented technological and societal advancements.
During the Industrial Revolution, national transportation created a link of communication which increased the speed of innovation. This link led to increased food preservation, extended the duration of human life, and brought about a dependable economy that wasnt seen before in America.

Connecting previously isolated rural areas with urban areas, the economy transformed into a capitalist industry requiring more technological skill. By the end of this time period, the United States had become the global leader of industrial power and turned itself from an agrarian, self-independent society into an industrial urban economy. Select businessmen arose to extreme money and power. Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. Pierpont Morgan used business techniques such as creating monopolies and trusts that lead them to dominating Americas economy.

These advances allowed the economy to expand in an unstable way. The expansion of factories into corporations eliminated small shop owners making the worker-boss relationship impersonal. This lack of relationship type of labor made it easier for industries to hire unskilled workers vs skilled. Companies began hiring immigrants from Asia and Europe saturating the labor market. Therefore laborers feared their economic status was decreasing.

Laborers worked in very poor conditions for long hours and low wages. Laborers began to feel industrialism was another form of slavery. The Knights of Labors was the nations first attempt to unite laborers into one union. They saw inequality amongst them and industrialists.

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