Science Fiction

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Science fiction is one of the genres in the speculative fiction; it focuses on the concepts that are imaginative. This includes technology, time travel, parallel universes and futuristic science. The area of science fictions deals with the exploration of the scientific effects and innovations; other scholars refer to this as the literature of ideas (Gross 933). The field does not focus on with supernatural forces in comparison with the fantasy counterpart. Previously the discipline has been grounded on the idea of the actual science, but currently, it concentrates on the hard science fiction (Suvin 11). The scientific fiction entails various subcategories and themes; it is what we direct at, when we utter something, one may not explain it but may know what it is after encountering, could entail stories that are interesting with prophetic vision and scientific facts. This paper seeks to create the understanding of science fiction as speculative fiction.


Science fiction is a means of creating understanding about the planet, it is done through telling stories and speculation; the history can be traced back to period dividing myths and actual history. For instance during the second century by A Syrian known as Lucian which is the satirist, it consists of various themes that are also compatible with the modern scientific fictions such include taking the journey to the other world, artificial life and interplanetary warfare (Suvin 13). This can be considered to be the original novel that expounded on the concept. The development of the current science fiction began with work of Johannes that was produced in the 1620s; this was formed by reasons featuring the protagonist adventure with places that are fantastical indicating a journey to the moon and how planet earth is observed from the satellite (Gross 932). Much development took place in the 18th century as the vital tool in the written work, for example, the story about the fight in the moon spread in the 19th century. With telegraph and electricity during the 19th-century significant improvement was observed due to powered transportation. The most important subjects that emerged in the 1990s include environment, biotechnology and internet as indicated by Neal Stephenson’s.

Nature of Science Fiction

The area focuses on writing significantly based on rational thinking about the alternative kind of life, future and worlds. Although it is related to fantasy, it also differs; this is mainly about the ideas in the story. The ideas that are discussed can be scientifically implemented or through the physical law despite some aspects of the story being dominated by speculations that are purely imaginative and almost impossible to accomplish. The setting is always against what many people agree, although others may rely on disbelief suspension which is perpetuated in the mind of a leader through solutions that are dependent on scientific explanation to the different factors or elements. The subject of science fiction always generates some good judgment of wonder since its appeal to rational and lies both combined,

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