School Violence: Physical and Verbal Attack

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School violence is characterized as any physical or verbal attack on one while being on school property or grounds. The amount of school violence has been a huge issue in our society for so long, many could say it’s become ordinary. Since the year 2000, there has been a recorded number of 64 shootings incidents that have involved public occupied areas.

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With results with almost 5 shootings per year. Ninety-four percent of the 64 were school-related shootings. This number has aroused countless problems in the nation for the past couple of years. Students are bringing weapons to school including guns and knives and many are using them in ways to harm and kill the people around them. The United States has one of the highest rates of violence among other countries (Winn, The U.S School Shooting). The problem in society today is how to reduce the amount of violence that is occurring in schools in the United States, is there enough effort put forth towards school safety? I feel as if there isn’t enough effort put towards school safety, and there needs to be stricter laws and restrictions for the purchase of guns.

Parents send their children off to school every day hoping they are in good hands and that they make it home safe. The school systems in today’s society are completely different from what they were twenty-five years ago, teachers disciplined students for chewing gum and talking too much, but today’s teachers fear for their lives and wonder if they are going to get shot for giving a student a bad grade. A trend of school violence started to occur a few years ago and rapidly increased in somewhat of a replica fashion. Kids that get made fun of and were seen as outcasts or loners saw others like them and used acting out in a violent way for a type of redemption for the bullying that they had withstood. Which resulted in the violent outburst in school violence and school shootings.

In 2016, the CDC found nearly ninety percent of public schools had a written plan for responding to school shootings, and seventy percent of those schools had drilled students on the plan (Bullying Definition, Statistics, & Risks). Due to an increase in bullying in schools leads to an increase in violence in schools. Bullying is defined as harassing or intimidating another through verbal or physical insults. Socially kids tend to create a position of superiority in groups; putting kids in types of groups based on appearance, social life, and extracurricular activities. There are the popular kids, the loners/outcasts, the athletes, the nerds, and groups based on skin color, race, and nationality. Many kids take strong offense to these types of things and it is considered to be a type of bullying too many.

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