School Violence in the United States

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School violence has largely become one of the greatest issues the United States is facing in the 21st century largely due to the underlying issues that are present when violence in schools occurs. When school violence is in the news, oftentimes it is associated with school shootings. There are questions that need to be asked that involve the issues that led to someone committing such violence to hopefully prevent this from happening again, but it seems as if the problem is much bigger than solving what seems to also be a mental health crisis.

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Bullying or the home environment could be major factors into the reasons why a student wants to commit violent acts towards their classmates or school staff and could be the key in helping to prevent future acts of violence in schools.

Acts of bullying or being harassed are nothing new to the 21st century as it has occurred for centuries in various forms, both reported and unreported. With today’s technology advances, bullying has become more prevalent and is no longer just confined to school grounds. With the internet and cell phone usage on the rise, bullying takes on new forms. It is no longer contained to face-to-face contact, but also includes cyberbullying with many ways to harm an individual. The most common places where it occurs is through social media, text messaging, instant messaging, and email (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). This type of bullying can be dangerous because online content such as photos, social media posts, or text messages can be shared and often viewed by their peers or even strangers (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

One might assume that since technology has become widely used in the United States, there would be more studies done to analyze cyberbullying behaviors to help staff members in schools or parents and guardians recognize the signs or behaviors of bullying to assist in preventing situations from escalating or to help give those who have been victimized a voice as oftentimes bullying can go unreported. However, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, there have only been three studies to their knowledge that have examined various factors or behavior of cyberbullying from 2000 to 2017 (Cyberbullying Research Center). This statistic is concerning given that according to, about 75 percent of students admit they have visited a website bashing another student ( While cyberbullying is occurring more frequently through recent years, other types of harassment have been prevalent for centuries.

Bullying can also fall under harassment, which can be based on race, sex, color, age, disability or religion (National Association of School Nurses, Inc.). Students who are most vulnerable to this type of bullying are those with disabilities, speech impediments, academic difficulties or physical features such as children with glasses or those who are overweight (National Association of School Nurses,

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