School Segregation and Integration

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If we take a look at our society and realize where we are right now with our schools and compare it to a fifty eight-years ago in the United States, we would think that we have progressed tremendously, and in ways we have but when we dig deeper we still have a long way to go. To students that are younger than us may not have to experience some traumatizing experiences that come with being ethnically different. But does that really mean that our schools are completely desegregated? There many schools in Texas that can be seen as being legally segregated, often times by money and races..

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Taking a step back into the past all the way to the late 1800’s. Slavery has been abolished, and it can be seen that many African Americans decided that they wanted to take another step forward and receive an education. This was a turning point in education. Not only for African Americans but in the future. This affected all minorities that were living in the United States, to ensure we have the opportunity to receive an education. Unfortunately, the government knew how to cheat the justice that the minorities in the United States were searching for. By segregating schools so that only Caucasians went to schools where everything they received was better from their education to the facility they all sat in all the way down to their books. When compared to the schools of those of color it can be noted these conditions were not fair. Nevertheless, this was an improvement and was better than receiving no education at all. Brown v. Board of Education happened in 1954 and it was decided by the supreme court that segregated schools by races in the United States were unconstitutional. Or so it was thought. (Kunz, 2017, para. 1)

If we fast forward to a time closer to the twenty-first century it can be seen that many schools in the United States are still segregated and here is where the government comes in to manipulate the system to where our schools have continued to be segregated legally.

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