Schizophrenia – Serious Disease

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The mind can do wonderful things, which are sometimes so powerful that it can alternate the way people think and also function. Schizophrenia is a very serious disease that affects approximately 1.5 million people per year. Schizophrenia can be very scary to the people that are diagnosed and also can be harmful to the people that are around them. Just like with any mental disease, it always come with symptoms, a diagnosis, and hopefully there can be a treatment to the disorder.


A great number of people are diagnosed with schizophrenia each year. The odds of having this disease can be increased by ten percent if another family member has schizophrenia. For someone with both their parents having this brain disorder can have their chances increase by forty percent (Schizophrenia WebMD). People that have been identified with schizophrenia have an elevated rate of having genetic alterations than the rest of the public (What is Schizophrenia?). More and more people are diagnosed with schizophrenia in today’s society.

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Schizophrenia is a disease that can develop and become serious overtime. Scientist do not know the importance of the symptoms, but they classify that schizophrenia is an actual disease. (Schizophrenia Mayo Clinic). This specific mental disorder influences a person’s opinions, activities, feelings, and the way they see real life (Schizophrenia WebMD). Someone cannot only be diagnosed with schizophrenia, but can also cause it to come more apparent. Having a family past of the disease or an elderly father can expand someone’s chances to prompting it. (Schizophrenia Mayo Clinic). There are factors that can go into whether someone has this disorder or not.

Anyone can become diagnosed by a doctor or physician with schizophrenia. Boys, girls, men, and women can be diagnosed with this mental disorder. However, men usually show symptoms in their early twenties, and symptoms reveal for women in their late twenties and thirties (What is Schizophrenia?). Natural chemicals in the brain, including neurotransmitters also called dopamine and glutamate, could provide evidence to being diagnosed with schizophrenia (Schizophrenia Mayo Clinic). Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is dangerous and can affect anyone and everyone.


The symptoms from schizophrenia can vary over time. A person with schizophrenia cannot tell reality from what is not reality (Schizophrenia WebMD). When this occurs the patient cannot comprehend the millions of things going through his or her brain. The person who has symptoms can sometimes believe that the thoughts, vision, or hearing that occurs is real. It can put pressure on the person and sometimes make it very tiring and stressful (What Are). If the doctor or physician give warnings before signs start to worsen it could help more through the process.

Symptoms can have a range of severeness between every patient who has it.

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