Scenes That Show Masculinity

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In this essay i will be analyzing and discussing the themes that were discussed that were used in the movie fight club. The first and main one being is masculinity. Violence was another theme that was used.

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Third one and most important one is identity and the last one is consumerism. The movie tells a story in which the narrator in the story develops these new personalities as to who he actually wants to be. Fight club was created by him in which a group of men came together to fight. The main character lives life as his alter ego throughout the movie and finally snaps back to reality at the end by shooting his alter ego.

There are many scenes that show masculinity. The movie could automatically falls under the genre of action. Strength is seen as masculine and a lot of the men in the movie seem to be showing their strength in different forms. There are a lot of visual evidence of the men being physical by lifting weights and exercising. Also the club is a place just for men where a lot of femininity is not being shown or even dismissed. Feminine characteristics being compassionate is not seen a lot by Marla. Tyler is emotionless as a way of showing masculinity. The narrator obviously has intimacy or relationship fears because of his parents relationship. The movies makes me want to pay attention to gender roles and shows a lot of toxic masculinity. The movie also send out a lot of negative messages to young boys that are in their teenage years for instance. An example of that would be how tyler is emotionally abusive to marla.

Susan Faludi, while reviewing the movie in her article says, Behind the extremities of his character is the modern male predicament: he’s fatherless, trapped in a cubicle in an anonymous corporate job, trying to glean an identity from Ikea brochures, entertainment magazines and self-help gatherings. Jack traverses a barren landscape familiar to many men who must contend with a world stripped of socially useful male roles and saturated with commercial images of masculinity. It’s about modern men growing up in an unnatural environment, a place that they were not evolutionarily designed to thrive within. Society suppressing masculinity, the father figure removed from the home while lost and emotionally emasculated boys grow up to do menial jobs that they don’t like only so they can buy stuff to fill the void. But the only thing that works is stepping away from the fake world to become real men. Obviously the movie shows the tight connection between being masculine and violence.

When looking at violence, it is clearly seen that all the brutal fights gave a sense of being and purpose to the men in the group.

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