Saving Ourselves And Others 

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Saving Ourselves And Others 

Our species has lived over two hundred thousand years on earth and in the past year we have created over 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage. That’s over eleven million Royal Caribbean cruise ships in weight. The largest cruise ships built to this day.

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We just throw away trash and never really think about where it goes. Most of us never see it. Most trash is sent to landfills where it is burned releasing methane and carbon dioxide, which makes up almost ninety percent of the gases in a landfill. The bacteria breaking down the trash also releases harmful gases into our atmosphere. Those chemicals can also contaminate our bodies of water and ground water. Some trash is even dumped into the ocean, almost fourteen billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean every year. The simple way of protecting our planet’s land, air, and water is to recycle.

Landfills have become a global problem. We are running out of space to put the synthetic waste. This accumulation it will have devastating effects on the environment. Plastic is a really hard substance to break down. It takes thousands of years to decompose. When the plastic decomposes it releases harmful green house gases. These gases ,carbon dioxide and methane, are very harmful to take in. Each trees can only get rid of about fifty pounds of carbon a year, but plants are considered a limited resource. We need a well balance of carbon dioxide to be able to have oxygen. If we can reduce the amount of plastic we uses daily it would help substantially.

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