Same Sex Marriage and Children

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Same sex marriage is a controversial topic debated frequently due to the perspectives of every individual. Although Gay marriage is more openly accepted, there are still some issues, and debates arising on whether Same sex marriage provides an acceptable precedent for children and teens in regards to causing unintended consequences for them. Many people have been brought up to believe that being attracted to a person from the same sex is unethical, and believe that couples do not know how to raise a baby, and that it causes consequences for the child growing up.

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People should be more open to same sex marriages, and let people decide who they want to be. Marriage throughout the years has been seen as the unity between a man and a woman.

For many it was seen as a big culture change not only morally, but religiously as well, and that is why parts of the population believe that the ability to procreate is solemnly available for heterosexual couples. Their beliefs are derived from religion, because same sex marriage goes against their scriptures which is why they worry that the upbringing of children conceived or adopted by these couples may be at risk for uncalled for consequences like bullying, or not having a mom or dad figure like most children with heterosexual parents would. Connections with a father figure and/or mother figure are very important in a traditional religious household because many aspects that have to do with gender are considered private. Other than not having a person to rely on with emotional support children have to endure criticism from the people surrounding them because of their personal beliefs and it may be their traditions as well.

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