Salem Witch Trials Ergot Poisoning

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In the year of 1692 there was a series of hearings and indictments for the people who were accused of practicing witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts. It all began with a group of teenage girls meeting in the home of Samuel Parris to listen to the voodoo-like tails and tricks from the familyr’s slave, Tituba. After multiple visits with Tituba, there were reports of the girls behaving strangely.

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They were lapsing into trances, having hallucinations, claiming to feel as if their skin was crawling, trembling and babbling with no restraint, and were said to be severely ill. The towns people began making accusations of witchcraft and pointing fingers at who they think may have bewitched the young girls. This lead to nearly one hundred and fifty people people being imprisoned, and nineteen men and women being executed by hanging. Though some historians believe that the girls were actually afflicted, the time of illness could have been a coincidence.

Over the course of many years, historians have been gathering information about what really started The Salem Witch Trials of 1692. After substantial amounts of research, they began making different assumptions and theories for the root of this hysteria. Though many of the theories are concluded with adequate evidence and reasoning, there is still no set reason as to what initiated the Salem Witch Trials. Some of these theories include: teenage boredom, the Putnam family rivalries over power, the cold weather theory, and some even believe that the the group of teenage girls were actually afflicted by the witches. Though many of these theories appear to be evidential,

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