The Salem Witch Trial And Its Role In History

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I specifically remember sitting in my high school English class covering the topic of the Salem Witch Trials. I was fascinated by what we were learning and reading about this historical event. I remember thinking how crazy is what the girls who were close to my age and older were making such crazy accusations.

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Now as a nursing major, the medical side of the Witch Trials really intrigue me. The Salem Witch Trials were a landmark event in the history of the United States that left a lasting impression and impact on this nation. To this day these trials are still being researched and studied by historians all across the country.

Scholars and historians have attempted to pinpoint the specific cause of these witch trials, but still much speculation exists as to the for sure root of the cause. There is speculation that the economic downturn of this time played a large role in the accusations. The Puritans were known for their narrow mindedness which is believed to have contributed to this event. Historians also believe that the city of Salemr’s socioeconomic issues in itself played a key role. Salem was said to be a poor underprivileged counterpart to its neighboring town called Salem Town which was populated mostly by wealthy merchants. Indian attacks were also pertinent to this area and time, and there was a distrust among the whites and indians. The very different dynamic of Salem and Salem Town often lead to conflict between the two communities(Salem Witch Trials).

In 1688, Reverend Samuel Parris became the official minister of Salem. A few years later in the winter of 1692 his daughter Betty became strangely ill. She would run through the house screaming and making noises, she would convulse on the floor, and complained of fevers. The talk of witchcraft became more popular when Bettyr’s friend Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, and a young woman named Mary Walcott, began to exhibit many of the same unusual behaviors(The Salem Witch Trials- Bewitchment or Ergotism).

During the time of the early 1690r’s more than two hundred women were found to be guilty guilty of the witchcraft. Women claimed they were unable to control body movements and verbal noises. Women would scream out and had uncontrollable twitches and movements. The women also claimed to be having hallucinations and experiencing supernatural symptoms (The Witchcraft of Encephalitis in Salem). Doctors during this time didnt really have a diagnosis or an explanation for these behaviors. They would simply diagnose these girls with bewitchment. These symptoms and these girls were viewed as a curious medical mystery (The Salem Trials Bewitchment or Ergotism).

Eventually, warrants were issued out for the arrest of the Parrisr’s slave who was a woman of caribbean.

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