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Salam Witch Trails

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How and when did the Salam witchcraft epidemic begin? Began when a group of young girls started to act strange and accused others of using witch craft on them. It begain during the 1680’s and 1690’s. Have you ever been unfairly accused of something? How might the social atmosphere of 17th century America have helped bring about the witchcraft epidemic? The social atmostphere of the 17th century in America was that most people that were accusced where middleaged women that either held a low social position or rich young women who inherited a lot of land.

It was usually the class tension of between the rich and the poor. What was the leading 18th century theory about why there was mass hysteria in salam? How was it disproved? That new Englanders belived ithe power of satan and the belief of witchcraft was the main answer of what might be happing to the youn girls. It showed the puritans religious convictions . it was disproved when the slam possessed of 1976 was published stating that the class tension between the rich and the poor caused the accusations.

What are the connections between ergot and salam witch hunting. The girls who were bewitched suffered hallucinations, convulsions,etc was because they were poisoned by a crop of fungus infected rye just like the french’s case of the ergot poisoning with the same symptoms. Have yOu ever been persuaded to belive something? what does the experiment tell you about the power of suggestion Do you think the united states legal system is always fair? Do you think something like the salam witch trials could occur in the united states today?

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